Enji World

Enji World is a 100% family-owned luxury lifestyle brand based in Paris.

Founded in 2015 by siblings Grog and Saniju.Enji marries a sophisticated taste for luxury with the diversity of traditional tribal cultures. Its tightly curated line of accessories features impeccably sourced leathers with artisanal embellishments and precious hardware, handcrafted in the finest workshops in Italy.

“Growing up in Africa, we were immersed in a cultural melting pot where hundreds of ethnicities and traditions constantly informed and influenced one another. As children, we used to dream of finding a way to share the beauty around us with a wider audience — we just needed to figure out how,” Saniju explains. “With Enji, we created a way to blend the culture of luxury with the richness of world cultures.”

Three years in development, Enji’s debut collection, an homage to the noble Maasai tribe, launched in Paris in January 2018.

Enji : A Tribe for Every Season

Enji is a luxury sneaker concept inspired by the richness of cultural heritage.

Its story begins in Africa. With more than 1000 tribes .

In homage to this land where they grew up, founders Saniju and her brother Grog decided to call their brand “Enji”, which means “king” in Bantu dialect .

“We were born in Cameroon, and even though our parents’ careers allowed us to grow up in some of the world’s great capitals — New York, Hong Kong, London and Geneva — we always remained very connected to Africa,” Grog notes. “Happy childhood memories, the joy of visiting friends and family today and the rich tapestry of African cultures are an essential part of who we are.”

After pursuing careers in finance and marketing, respectively, the siblings decided to create a Paris-based brand for the international, urban lifestyle. They wanted to combine comfort and specialness with a product that celebrates diversity yet blends seamlessly into everyday life.

The design for this concept was born of a life lived between the world’s capitals and the savannah, combined with a natural affinity for luxury that is designed with comfort in mind. Enji sneakers are precious yet discreet, produced in the finest tradition of Italian and local craftsmanship.

Enji prides itself on a unique signature: with every season, a new tribal theme incorporates distinctive ethnic cues, symbols and codes. While its DNA is instantly recognizable to the initiated, Enji is designed to appeal to a discerning clientele everywhere.

Enji’s first collection, an homage to the Massai, debuted in Paris in January 2018.

The Story

What’s your background?

My sister and I were born and raised in CITY, Cameroon and our parents’ careers gave us the chance to see the world’s great capitals —New York, Hong Kong, London, Geneva, etc.  We’ve always been always fascinated by other peoples, cultures and traditions. But despite a sophisticated, urban upbringing, the rich diversity of Cameroon’s peoples, their influence on each other and the country’s beautiful landscapes has always inspired us.

Why did you decide to get into the luxury business?

As a trader in agricultural raw materials, I naturally spent time getting to know the men and women who earn their living by working the land. When you really get to know the business, you come to recognize even the tiniest variations in a single product. Consuming food that is grown with care, love and patience has everything to do with luxury. The same holds for fashion. Beyond the creative aspect, we believe that the clothes and accessories we “consume” should have integrity from start to finish.

Also, as longtime luxury fans we wanted to explore a creative endeavor that would bring together all the design aspects we’ve loved since we were teenagers and blend urban chic with a cultural twist.

How do you define Enji’s style?

Enji is pure luxury, from beginning to end — from the design, choice of materials and craftsmanship to the cosmopolitan-meets-nomadic sensibility.

What or who are your inspirations?

To name just three: Royal Bamileké stools and chairs from Cameroon, Ashanti art (Northern Ghana) and Japanese art, particularly the complexity of samurai armor. For our debut collection, we drew inspiration from the majestic air of the Maasai and their traditional costumes. It felt very coherent with the brand’s name.

How did you develop the brand?

We spent three years researching and sourcing the finest materials and production techniques. We wanted to use Miami calf leather and Margom soles, and most of all we wanted to find the best craftspeople to assemble the pieces. For example, one of our unique features is a custom-designed heel, which requires the hand-application of three layers of leather. The Maasai and lion embroideries on our debut collection are done in a specialized workshop in Italy and applied by hand to each piece. As we grow, we aim to help generate greater awareness about each tribe we highlight. To that end, and we already have a number of projects in the works.

Who is the Enji customer?

Our customer is modern, connected, cultivated and curious about the world. Enji fans appreciate beautiful things, but they are also discerning: they’re attuned to pieces that are exclusive, creative and different, with an authentic backstory and a “socio-ecological” conscience.

In our world, everyone is unique — but we are all members of the Enji tribe.